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PEP 6 Unit 6 A field trip Part B Read and write

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教学目标:1、能够听、说、认读Read and write部分的对话,完成相应的活动。

        2、能够四会掌握其中的句子“Is he playing chess ? Yes, he is. Is she counting insects? No, she isn’t.”并能在情景中运用。

教学重点:使学生重点掌握四个四会句型,能熟练运用句型“Is she (counting insect)?”


教学准备:word cards、CAI、radio 、exercises paper (课前发给学生)


Prepare for class& Warm-up

1.       sing a song <a field trip>

2.       Greeting with Ss : Good afternoon, boys and girls.

3.       Daily talking: I am very happy to have an English class for you. Who is your English teacher?

               Where is she?  引导:She is over there. Where is …? He/ She is over there.

教师走近该同学:What do you do at the weekends? Do you like weekends/holiday?

               T: I like weekends very much. because I can go to the zoo. In the zoo, I can see many animals. I can see tigers, what can you see?

               S: I can see…

               T: Let’s change, I can have a field trip on holidays, I am catching butterflies.

               S: I am…

Presentation & Practice:

1. Game: Have a quick response to review the phrases. 最后两个为:playing chess, counting insects. T: Can you spell it? T presents them, and spell them with Ss.

2. Present: Is he/she …? Yes, he/ she is.

T: Hi, can you catch butterflies? Please!  Is he catching butterflies?

Ss: Yes, he is.

T: Can you take pictures? Please! Is she taking pictures?

Ss: Yes, she is.

T: Is she listening to Miss Ye?

Ss: Yes, she is.

(板书)Present: Is he/she …? Yes, he/ she is.----CAI呈现各图片,pair work---check(开火车)

3. Present: No. he/she isn’t.

T: Look at this boy, is he listening to music?

Ss: No, he isn’t.

T: Look at this girl. Is she dancing?

Ss: No, she isn’t.

Present: No. he/she isn’t.(板书)

4. Have a chant: Is he playing chess ? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, he is .

Is she counting insects? No, No, No, No, she isn’t .

              T-Ss have a chant

  Make a chant: Is he … ?  Yes, yes, yes. Yes, he is .

Is she …?  No, no, no.  No, she isn’t .

5. Game: 1. Guessing game: 听声音猜明星们在干什么----猜老师在干什么

                         What he/she doing? Is he/she…? Yes, he/she is. No, he/ she isn’t.

         2. Game2: 教师抽取一张纸,纸上写有一同学名字和地点,让全班同学猜: Is he/she…?-----小组活动---反馈----教师出示孙悟空(花果山)引出他在打电话

7. Listen a telephone call between Sun Wukong and Ba Jie, then answer the questions.

八戒:Hello,猴哥.This is Ba Jie, what are you doing?

孙:Hello! Ba Jie! I am picking up peaches. What are you doing?

八戒:I am eating watermelons.

孙:What is Tang Sir doing? Is he sleeping?

八戒:No, he isn’t.

孙:Is he doing an experiment?

八戒: No, he isn’t.

孙:What’s he doing?

八戒:He is chanting(念经).

孙:Good! I am flying to you .I am leaving now. See you!Is Ba Jie sleeping?  Is Tang Sir chanting(念经)?   What is Monkey King doing now? ---He is flying to Ba Jie.

Ss answer the questions----read in pairs---check

T: Sun Wukong is flying to Ba Jie, look (呈现一个火炬手)Is she flying? No, she is running, she is running to Ningbo. So she is running to us. Prsent: He/She is running to us. 班级小情景演示。一同学跑向或走向另一同学。

T: Is he running to…?  Ss: Yes, he/ she is. No. he/she is running to…

8. 回归课文。

  T: Amy is running too, is she running to us? Let’s have a look? Ss watch the cartoon.

  T: Listen again. Then you answer the questions on the book.--check----follow the tape----have a role reading----act it out.


  T: You did a good job, I have a story for you. You read it in silence , then find the answers according the questions.

One day, a hungry tiger  was looking for food in the forest. At that time, a rabbit jumped out. The hungry tiger caught(抓住) the rabbit and said: Haha, little rabbit, my yummy food, I will eat you for my dinner with my family. Then the tiger took the rabbit to his home.

   There are 4 members in the tiger’s family. They are grandfather tiger, father tiger, mother tiger and baby tiger. The baby tiger is cute and kind.

Baby tiger: Can I help you? I  can help you to escape (逃跑).

Rabbit: Really? Thank you very much.

Baby tiger: Go with me. Look this is my parents’ room. My father is reading a book.

Rabbit: What’s your mother doing? Is she cooking?

Baby tiger: No, she isn’t.

Rabbit: Is she playing computer games?

Baby tiger: Yes, she is. Let’s go on running. This is my grandfather.

Rabbit: Is he doing an experiment?

Baby tiger: Yes, he is. He is busy. Let’s go.

At last, the rabbit was saved(获救)by the baby tiger. They became good friends.

Qs: 1. Is the mother tiger reading a book?  What’s she doing?

   2. Is the grandfather tiger doing an experiment?

   3. Are the baby tiger and rabbit becoming friends?

Summary : 回顾所学知识。----做课堂作业本练习。
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