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PEP 4 Unit3 A read and write全英文说课稿

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The Lecture Notes of PEP Primary English

Book4 Unit3 A read and write

Beilun District Experiment Primary School  Steven

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s my great pleasure to be here sharing my lesson with you.
The content of my lesson is《 PEP Primary English 》Book4 Unit3 A read and write.

First, let me talk about the teaching material.
The topic of this lesson should be clothes .By study of this unit, the Ss know how to choose the clothes in English and how to describe the size and colour with simple words and sentences. The sentence patterns of this lesson “ Is this your T-shirt ?” “No, it’s not.” And “This small one ? .” are the key and  difficult points of this unit.The study of this lesson will help the Ss use simple English in communication.  Ss have learnt colours and clothes in Book 1 and Book 3 .
      Therefore, on studying the teaching material and analyzing the regulation of children’s growing of mind , I put forward the teaching aims according to English syllabus and

new lesson standard.
1.Perception aim:
a)The Ss can hear, read, and use the main sentence patterns “Is this your … ?” “This … one ?” “My … is … . ”
b)The Ss can understand and read the conversation of the lesson.
2.Ability aim:
a)The Ss can use the sentence pattern of asking the owners .

b)The Ss can use the patterns to express their thoughts in the proper scene.
3.Emotion aim:
a)By completing the task , the Ss increase their interest and set up self-confidence in language study;
Next,the key points of this lesson:
First of all, to study and use the sentence patterns “Is this your … ?” “This … one ?” “My … is … . ” to improve the Ss’ abilities in inquiring .
Secondly, teach the Ss how to study independently as well as by cooperation.
Difficult points:
The Ss can use the words and patterns to describe the clothes in the proper

scene, and make simple dialogues of inquiring .
Well, how to achieve the teaching objectives better, to stress the key points

and break through the difficult points? The key is how to make use of the

proper teaching methods, I’ll talk about my teaching methods below.
Part 2 Teaching Methods:
According to the modern perception theories and social intercourse teaching

theories, I adopt the TSA method and TBLT method in my teaching, namely Total Situational Action and Task-based Language Teaching.
The former is a “scene — activity” teaching method .It establishes a real scene and the interaction between the teacher and the Ss .It emphasizes a dynamic information exchange between the teacher and Ss.
The latter offers the Ss an opportunity to complete the tasks in which Ss use language to achieve a specific outcome. The activity reflects real life and learners focus on meaning, they are free to use any language they want.
At the same time, make use of the modern electricity teaching equipments and all kinds of teaching means, it can mobilize the Ss’ enthusiasm and creativity in learning English.
Part 3 Studying Methods:
Let Ss study in a relaxed and agreeable atmosphere. Ss understand the new

knowledge in certain degree through the mental process of seeing, hearing,

saying, observing, imagining , thinking etc. And make preparation for complet-

ing the new study task.
After feeling and comprehending the language points, let Ss obtain the knowl-

edge actively by probe study and cooperative study. Thereby, develop the Ss’ abilities of studying and working with the learning language independently.
Part 4 Teaching Process:
In order to realize the teaching process systematically, properly and efficiently, under the principle of “regard Ss as the corpus, the teacher inspires for predominance”, I divide the teaching process into five steps.
Step1 Warm-up.
Let’s do : P28.
So as to the psychological characteristics of children,good warm-up can make Ss feel pleased and satisfied, and can arouse exciting motion. In this step , tea-cher and the Ss do the acitions in unison .Thus , review the words of clothes. And arouse the Ss' performance desire, participation desire , and lead the Ss into a thick English studying atmosphere.
Step2 Presentation and practice.
1.CAI shows a big garden . In the garden , there are many colourful flowers.

T:Do you like flowers?

Which one do you like ?

Teacher guides the Ss to use “The red one” or “The blue one.” Ect.
In this step , Ss can review the colours and the meaning of “one” .

2. CAI shows a shop , there are many clothes .

T takes out a lot of colourful clothes and says, “ Which one do you like ?”and give the clothes to the Ss .

Then ask the Ss to write their names on the clothes .

T asks the Ss to describe the clothes .

e.g. My … is … . (size or colour)
3.Game:Guess the owner.

Ss describes their clothes and others guess .

T guesses first with the secetence pattern “ Is this your … ?”
A guessing game help Ss use “My … is … .”
It considers that children can keep their attentions in limited time. The game

can avoid the lifelessness and boredom from the pure machine drills .It createsthe conditions of a relaxed and natural atmosphere for children’s drills. Then

achieve the aim of consolidating and deepening the sentence pattern.
4.Present the text.
a)first , show several questions.

b)Listen to the tape or watch the flash .

c)T guides the Ss to answer the questions .
It reappears the relevant conversation by broadcasting the VCD, let Ss know

the text contents with a combination of audio and video, words and pictures, which cater to the characteristics of primary period to be curious and pursuing

interest and freshness.                                        

d)After the audio-visual commences, play the tape recorder completely again,

let the Ss concentrate on listening, then answer my questions according to the dialogue.

e.g.:What coloue is  Rabbit’s T-shirt ?
e)After be familiar with the text, let the Ss try to act out the dialogue.
By this step, it achieved the teaching aim of understanding and talking the

dialogue of this lesson.
Step3 Consolidation.

1.Task : Is this your … ?
To master the language capability needs certain amount of practice. So , I stilladopt the “Task-based”teaching method, which is defined by strong practicalityand exact task, so as to make break-through about the difficult points of this

2.T gives Ss another passage and guides them to understand .
For this step, I shall instruct the Ss to use the words and patterns learnt in

the process of completing certain tasks. Meanwhile, they may have mutual

improvement in exchanging information during the communicating activities.
Step4 Ending .
Summarize the whole lesson , and arrange the homework.
1.Do the correlative exercises in the activity book.Check the mastering of

knowledge of this lesson.
2.Ask Ss to interview their friends asking their clothing and make records of

the information.
This content is an extension of the previous lesson , to meet the needs of

increasing communicating demand of some Ss.
Step5 Blackboard Design.
   Show on the CAI.

Is this your T-shirt ?

No , it’s not .
Anyway, the teaching of this lesson aims to develop not only the Ss' languagetechnical abilities, but also the diverse intelligence by integrated teaching meth-ods.
As teachers, to make our English classrooms shine with vitality, we are laid with heavy burden, and we still have long way to go.
Above is the lecture notes of my lesson. Thank you!
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