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How do you know if you're already addicted or rapidly tumbling toward trouble? The Internet Addiction Test is the first validated and reliable measure of addictive use of the Internet. Developed by Dr. Kimberly Young, the IAT is a 20-item questionnaire that measures mild, moderate, and severe levels of Internet Addiction。

  怎样才能知道自己是否已经有网瘾或正在迅速跌进网瘾的深渊之中?“网瘾自测题”是用于测试自己是否有网瘾的第一套有效的在线测试题目。这套试题是金伯利·杨博士(Dr. Kimberly Young)开发的,包含20道题目,测试结果可分为轻微、中度和严重三个等级。

  To assess your level of addiction, answer the following questions using this scale: 为估计成瘾程度,可用下列评分标准对下列问题进行评级:

  1 = Rarely. 罕见

  2 = Occasionally. 偶尔

  3 = Frequently. 常有

  4 = Often. 经常

  5 = Always. 总是

  0 = 本题情形不适用

  1. How often do you find that you stay on-line longer than you intended? 你使用网络的时间是否经常超过自己预定的时间?【】

  2. How often do you neglect household chores to spend more time on-line? 你是否经常忘记要做的家务事而把更多的时间花在网上?【】

  3. How often do you prefer the excitement of the Internet to intimacy with your partner? 你是否经常觉得上网比和自己的伴侣在一起更刺激?【】

  4. How often do you form new relationships with fellow on-line users? 你是否经常在网上与那些上网者发展成新的朋友关系?【】

  5. How often do others in your life complain to you about the amount of time you spend on-line? 你的生活中是否经常有人抱怨你上网的时间太多?【】

  6. How often do your grades or school work suffer because of the amount of time you spend on-line? 你是否因为在网上耗费的时间太多而导致自己的学习成绩或学业出现问题?【】

  7. How often do you check your e-mail before something else that you need to do?  你会不会常常要先检查是否有电子邮件之后再去做其他该做的事情?【】

  8. How often does your job performance or productivity suffer because of the Internet? 你是否因为上网而导致工作业绩或生产率出现问题?【】

  9. How often do you become defensive or secretive when anyone asks you what you do on-line? 如果有人问你到底在网上做什么,你是否会觉得需要防备或保密?【】

  10. How often do you block out disturbing thoughts about your life with soothing thoughts of the Internet? 你是否由于得到了互联网上各种思想的慰籍而不想在现实生活中向别人透露烦恼的心迹?【】

  11. How often do you find yourself anticipating when you will go on-line again? 你是否发现自己很期待下一次的上网时间?【】

  12. How often do you fear that life without the Internet would be boring, empty, and joyless? 你是否会担心没有互联网的生活将变得无聊、空虚、没有快乐可言?【】

  13. How often do you snap, yell, or act annoyed if someone bothers you while you are on-line? 你上网的时候,如果有人骚扰你,你是否会恶狠狠地关机、大喊大叫或其他表示恼怒的行为?【】

  14. How often do you lose sleep due to late-night log-ins? 你是否会由于到了半夜才登录上网而损失睡眠时间?【】

  15. How often do you feel preoccupied with the Internet when off-line, or fantasize about being on-line? 你是否会在离线以后心里总还想着上网或幻想着自己在上网?【】

  16. How often do you find yourself saying "just a few more minutes" when on-line? 你是否发现自己每次上网的时候总爱说“就几分钟而已”?【】

  17. How often do you try to cut down the amount of time you spend on-line and fail? 你是否发现你总想减少上网的时间可总是做不到?【】

  18. How often do you try to hide how long you've been on-line? 你是否会瞒报自己的上网时间?【】

  19. How often do you choose to spend more time on-line over going out with others? 你是否情愿在网上多花时间而不愿意和别人一起出去走走?【】

  20. How often do you feel depressed, moody, or nervous when you are off-line, which goes away once you are back on-line? 你不在线的时候,是否会觉得压抑、心情不好或不安?而一旦回到在线状态,这些症状就会消失?【】

  Your Score: 得分

  Analysis on Results结果分析:

  After you've answered all the questions, add the numbers you selected for each response to obtain a final score. The higher your score, the greater your level of addiction and the problems your Internet usage causes. Here's a general scale to help measure your score:


  20 - 49 points: You are an average on-line user. You may surf the Web a bit too long at times, but you have control over your usage。


  50 -79 points: You are experiencing occasional or frequent problems because of the Internet. You should consider their full impact on your life。


  80 - 100 points: Your Internet usage is causing significant problems in your life. You should uate the impact of the Internet on your life and address the problems directly caused by your Internet usage。


  After you have identified the category that fits your total score, look back at those questions for which your scored a 4 or 5. Did you realize this was a significant problem for you? For example, if you answered 4 (often) to Question #2 regarding your neglect of household chores, were you aware of just how often your dirty laundry piles up or how empty the refrigerator gets?


  Say you answered 5 (always) to Question #14 about lost sleep due to late-night log-ins. Have you ever stopped to think about how hard it has become to drag yourself out of bed every morning? Do you feel exhausted at work? Has this pattern begun to take its toll on your body and your overall health?


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