Unit 3 Why do you like koalas? 书面表达 - 给力英语

Unit 3 Why do you like koalas? 书面表达

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      This is my pet cat. Her name is Mimi. Mimi is from England. My father bought her there when he was traveling in Europe. I love Mimi very much because she is very cute. She has two big blue eyes and a small nose. Her long fur feels very soft. Her legs are short but she is very good at running. Isn't she cute? Mimi likes fish, but we don't let her eat a lot. She needs to keep fit! Mimi gets up early and she usually has a long sleep at noon. Mimi is very strong and she likes sports. Her favorite sport is playing with a ball, but sometimes she is very quiet. Mimi doesn't like meeting strangers because she is kind of shy. I enjoy Mimi's company because she adds more fun to my life.



Look! This is my dog Rainbow. He is from Australia. My mother bought him there. Rainbow has a round face, a cute nose, two big dark eyes and a short tail. His coat is red and soft. Everyone says he is beautiful. When you touch his nose, he will say "Bow wow" to you. If he is happy, he will jump around and wag his tail. Rainbow's favorite food is pork bones and fried rice. He sleeps a lot every day. I wash him twice a week, so he's very clean. I love Rainbow because he's lovely and clever. He often helps us bring and take things I take him for a walk every day after supper. He is always friendly to other dogs he meets, and he never barks at my friends or jumps on them. I really enjoy playing with Rainbow. He is a wonderful pet dog!

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