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At a Farm A Let's talk&Let's play教案

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At a Farm

A Let’s talk & Let’s play


1、能听懂会说单词:donkey、farm 并明白donkey和horse之间的区别。

2、听懂会说句型Are they…?How many…?并能在情景中运用。



1、 重点:句型Are they…?How many…?的理解以及在语境中的正确运用。

2、 难点:单词单、复数的理解与运用;单词hundred的发音。


1、 CAI课件

2、 各种动物图片



1.      Greeting.

2.      Let’s sing: “They are in the zoo”

歌曲结束后,教师吟唱:Where are the horses/goats/lambs?

引导学生回答:They are at the farm. 板书:At a Farm


(1)   Learn “farm”

Look, there is a farm. CAI出示farm图片,教学单词farm。

(2)   Learn “Oh, this farm is so big.”

T:Is this farm small?  Ss:No.

T:Yes,it’s so big. You can say: Oh, this farm is so big.


Make a sentence: Oh, this farm is so ________.

                 Oh, this _________ is so ________.

(3)   创设情景,滚动旧知。

What animals are there at the farm? Let’s watch the video.

根据学生回答,一一板贴词卡:hens, goats, cows…,并注意按照复数名词的发音归类板贴。带读,渗透复数名词的发音规律,齐读。

(4) Learn “Are they…?” Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t .”

   They are some hens, goats, cows… at the farm. Any more? Listen!

   播放Pigs叫声,教师问,引导学生回答Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t .

   呈现sheep图片的一角,引导学生用Are they…?猜测。

(5) Learn “donkeys”


Let’s chart: Monkeys, Monkeys, are they Monkeys?

         No, they aren’t . No, they aren’t .

         Donkeys, donkeys, are they donkeys?

         Yes, they are. Yes, they are.

(6) Pair work: 利用自己准备的图片编个类似的chart。


(1)       Guess some riddles, use the sentence pattern freely.

a.       They’re a kind of animals. They’re white and fat. They can swim in the river. They like singing. (ducks) 教师读,学生猜。

b.      They’re fruits. They are round and red. They are sweet. (apples)学生齐读,学生猜。

c.       出示大象的图片和主要句型: They are … They have… They like…


d. They are… (pencils)自由描述,指名猜。

(2) 教学one hundred并复习How many…do you have? I have…句子。

How many pencils can you see? 教学one hundred,迁移到200,300等的读法。

Here are one hundred pencils. How many pencils do you have?

Let’s play: Brain Storm.

男女生对抗: How many eyes/fingers/story books …do you have?

(3)Visit the farm.

a. Ok,today Mike、Sarah and John are visiting the MacDonald’s  farm. How many cows does MacDonald have? Let’s listen.

Answer the question.

Listen and repeat.

b. Let’s visit MacDonald’s farm.

用屏幕上的MacDonald’s farm 为背景,分小组应用Are they…?How many…?进行改编对话。

(4)情感教育 Animals are our good friends. We should protect them.

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