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A Fun Job with No Pay(听听读读小资料)

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A Fun Job with No Pay


     This might seem crazy, but many students in the United States do jobs
without being paid! Yes, they volunteer. And they like it, too! Many girls
volunteer to work in hospitals. Other kids volunteer to work at zoos or
dog pounds where lost pets are kept. Even though they don’t get paid,
they get to spend their day with animals. There’s also a Big Brother
Foundation in the US where older kids mentor younger kids and help
them with their homework.
   Maybe you don’t have the same opportunities in China to volunteer
as kids in the US have. So be creative!  Volunteer to help people in any
way you can think of. You can volunteer to help at a hospital, you can
help elderly people, or you can volunteer to clean up trash on the ground.
   Why volunteer? Volunteer work gives you experience.  It might help
you get a job in the future. Doing volunteer work shows that you care for
other people and are generous with your time. Employers like people who
do these things. Besides helping you in the future, volunteering also makes
you feel happier.  Try it! It could be the best improvement to your summer.

I. Words and expressions
1) volunteer  
n. 志愿者,义务工作者  v. 自愿,做义工
2) pound    n. (走失宠物的)认领处for dogs and cats[countable
usually singular] a place where dogs and cats that have been found on
the street are kept until their owners come  to get them

3) foundation   n. 基金会
4) mentor   v. 指导 an experienced person who advises
and helps a less experienced person
5) opportunity n.机会,机遇
6) creative   adj.有创意的,创造性的
7) trash    n.垃圾
8) experience    n.经验
9) generous    adj. 慷慨的,大方的
10) employer n. 雇主 a person, company, or
organization that employs people:
The shoe factory is the largest employer in this area.
11) improvement   n.
12) clean up  整理,
收拾1 to make a place completely clean and tidy:
We spent all Saturday morning cleaning up.

II. Structure
Besides helping you in the future, volunteering also makes you feel
make sb. do 此结构表示让(或使得)某人做某事,注意make的宾语后
跟不带to的动词不定式。 如:
What made you ask that question? 什么使你问那个问题的?
The black T-shirt made him _________ . 那件黑T恤使他看起来很老。
系动词,后面跟形容词。常见系动词包括:be, sound, look, smell, taste
It sounds interesting. 这听起来很有趣。
The fish tastes delicious. 这鱼味道很好。

III. Culture
Big Brother Foundation
       Big Brother Foundation是美国的一个非营利性慈善机构,全称是
“Big Brother Big Sister Foundation”。它是美国规模最大、历史最长
Brother Foundation的目的是通过专业支持,帮助孩子充分发挥潜能。

  作者:Pamela Kaercher  


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