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50,000 more master students to be enrolled

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Chinese universities will enroll 50,000 more master's degree students in 2009, and expect them to mainly go to management-related majors such as MBAs and MPAs, according to the Ministry of Education.

Ren Zenglin, director of the ministry's Office of Academic Degrees, said the enrollment increase in master's degree students will mark a 5 percent rise over last year's. And it's for the first time that the 50,000 extra quota will open to this year's bachelor graduates.

Before this, MBA and MPA majors were only accessible to graduates with work experiences.

According to the ministry, this year's expansion program will cover professional degrees of MBA, MPA, ME, J.M and MPACC.

Reports say universities in Shanghai have started trial programs, and students who have taken graduate school entrance examinations will be given preference in enrollment.

More than sixty percent of university students welcome the new policy.

Yang Zhiwei, a graduate of Guangzhu University, said he previously thought an MBA was only for senior managers, and was an unrealistic dream for young people. But now, a window has been opened for young graduates who are having difficulty finding a job during the economic downturn.

Dr. Li Yiheng, a researcher from Peking University, thinks it not the most effective way to relieve the current employment pressure. It is necessary for MBA students to have work experience, or it will be very difficult for them to understand what is taught in class, Li said.
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