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Valentine's Day 情人节

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, lovers everywhere are preparing for the most romantic day of the year.
On February 14 loving couples exchange cards and gifts while singletons can send anonymous love letters to people they fancy.

The most common presents given at this time of year are flowers, especially red roses, and chocolates or even sexy lingerie. But sometimes people in the UK give each other more original, not to say unusual, gifts.

Last year a lady in the north of England was astonished to receive an extremely surprising Valentine’s present from her husband of 28 years, a live donkey.

Marion Stephenson’s husband took her on a date to a field near their home, where he presented her with Maggie, a two-year-old donkey.

Mrs Stephenson said, "I usually get a little thing like a small bunch of flowers, but this Valentine's Day it was a surprise to get a new donkey. I'm delighted."

Maggie joined the Stephensons' other donkeys and it is hoped that she will deliver lots of foals.

A more conventional way for couples to enjoy Valentine’s Day is to take a short mini-break away to a romantic destination such as Paris or Venice.

However, this year a new destination has caused a stir as a place for partners to fall in love all over again.

A tiny, uninhabited, heart-shaped island off the coast of Croatia has attracted the attention of many people after it was spotted on Google Earth.

The island’s owner, Vlado Juresko said, "We think it is the most perfect heart-shaped island in the world. Nobody lives there so if lovers really do want to spend time alone it's the perfect desert island."

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