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69 Schools Relocated Under Geological Threat In Guizhou

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    GUIYANG, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- Southwestern Guizhou Province has allocated 423 million yuan (61.8 million U.S. dollars) to relocate 69 rural schools with some 53,300 students and teachers, which are under the threat of possible geological disasters.

    According to the provincial land and resources authorities, these primary and middle schools in 30 counties are facing immediate threat of geological disasters or other potential safety risks due to a series of natural disasters last year.

    According to schedule, relocation of the 69 schools will be completed before the end of April.

    The provincial land and resources authorities carried out a safety checkup last year in areas affected by the severe winter weather early last year, the 8.0-magnitude earthquake that jolted Sichuan Province and neighboring regions in May, and seasonal and unexpected floods.

    The authorities also found that 75 other rural primary and middle schools with 26,700 students and teachers were facing minor safety risks. These schools will also be relocated to safe places gradually.

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