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Teacher accused of assaulting schoolboys

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Dundee,Dec 16(Telegraph)-Mike Barile, 51, a maths teacher, denies charges that he grabbed pupils by their school uniforms, pushed them off chairs, and pinned them up against walls.

He also denies grabbing one pupil by his jumper and threatening to throw him "through a blackboard."

Mr Barile, a director of Dundee United Football Club, appeared at Dundee sheriff court on five separate charges of assaulting the 14 and 15-year old pupils at Lawside Academy in Dundee between October and May this year.

One of the alleged victims, a 14-year-old, claimed the teacher grabbed him by his school jumper and threw him from a chair.

Giving evidence from behind a screen, the pupil told the court that Mr Barile caught him watching YouTube when he should have been playing a maths-related computer game.

He added: "Mr Barile sent me to his desk and told me to do some work but I said no.

"He grabbed my arm and shirt and threw me from the chair. I told him to f*** off, called him a f***ing beast, and I ran out of the library."

Asked my Gavin Callaghan, prosecuting, if he was usually well-behaved in maths class, he said: "No. Sometimes I got on with my work, but sometimes I was bad."

Andrew Gibb, defending, suggested to the teenager that he had no respect for teachers.

He replied: "Yes I do. I give teachers respect if they give me respect."

A 14-year-old classmate told the court that he witnessed the incident, saying: "I saw Mr Barile grab him by his jumper with one hand and push him back.

"Mr Barile looked angry. I didn't think that teachers are able to put their hands on children."

Another pupil, aged 15, claimed that Mr Barile grabbed him by his jumper and threatened to throw him "through the blackboard".

He said: "I was messing about and Mr Barile was writing something down on a bit of paper. I asked him to see it and he said no, so I grabbed it off his desk.

"He grabbed me by my jumper with both hands and he threatened to put me through the blackboard.

"I told him to get the f*** off me. I just wanted to see what he was writing about me. He was angry and aggressive."

Mr Callaghan read out a school report about the pupil compiled by Mr Barile.

It said: "On January 11, he complained it was too hot and when I opened a window, he complained that it was too cold. I tried to ignore his silly comments and he became abusive. He swore at me when he returned to his seat.

"I started writing everything he was saying down. He swore at me and he grabbed the sheet and was very threatening."

Under cross-examination the pupil admitted that he had been showing off.

The trial continues.

(By Auslan Cramb )

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