Unit 8 How was your school trip? 备课素材 - 给力英语

Unit 8 How was your school trip? 备课素材

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Unit 8 How was your school trip? 语言要点

1. --- What did you do / see on your last school trip?

--- I / We went / saw ...

--- What else did you do?

--- I bought ...

--- Did you buy / go ...?

--- Yes, I / We did. / No, I / we didn't.

--- Where did you go yesterday?

--- I went to ...

--- Were there any sharks / seals ...?

--- Yes, there were. / No, there weren't.

 2. 重点词汇:

aquarium, zoo, science, centre, gift shop, souvenir, seal, shark, octopus, dolphin, take photos, get one's autograph, prize, movie, hang out, go for a drive, sleep late

 3. 一些规则动词和不规则动词的过去式

Unit 8 How was your school trip? 文化背景知识
        There are many types of aquariums in the U.S. ranging from the small fish bowls that children buy in pet shops to the magnificent aquariums throughout the country.

One of the top aquariums in the U.S. is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 1.8 million people visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium each year. The aquarium has approximately 550 different species. The animals eat approximately 305 pounds of food a day, and there are more than 100 exhibit tanks.

In addition to aquariums, there are the Sea World parks in Florida, California, and Texas, which feature killer whales, dolphins, penguins, manatees, polar bears, and numerous other sea life in shows and exhibits.

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