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Unit 9 When was he born? 备课素材

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Unit 9 When was he born? 语言要点
1. --- When was she born?

--- She was born in 1973.

 2. --- How long did he hiccup?

--- He hiccupped for 69 years and 5 months.

 3. You are never too young to start doing things.

 4. violinist, skater, pianist, athlete

    professional, talented, loving, outstanding, unusual, creative

Unit 9 When was he born? 课外任务
Think of a famous person you admire. Find out information about that person's life, then complete(完成)this information card.



任务二:According to the information card, write about the person, and say why you admire this person. 
Unit 9 When was he born? 读写综合



Michelle Kwan


Figure skater

Date of Birth

July 7th, 1980


Guangdong, China




Father, Danny, Chinese

Mother, Estella, American

a brother, a sister


7 medals at National Championships(全国锦标赛)

8 medals at the World Championships

2 Olympic medals (the silver medal in 1998; the bronze medal in 2002)


   Michelle Kwan is famous. She is an American figure skater. Her father, Danny, is Chinese. Her mother's name is Estella. She is an American. She was born on July 7, 1980. She has a brother and a sister. Michelle has won seven medals at National Championships of America, and has won eight medals at the World championships. She has also won two Olympic medals, the silver medal in 1988, and the bronze medal in 2002. Many people like her a lot.

Unit 9 When was he born? 文化背景知识介绍
    Young people idolize singers, movie stars, and professional athletes. In addition to fan clubs for individuals, Americans have fan clubs for movies such as Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings and for bands such as The Beatles.

 Many teenagers' bedrooms in America will have posters on the walls of their favorite movie stars or celebrities (often singers or sports stars). Some teenagers also collect autographs (signatures) of their favorite stars. However, if a star is very famous, it will be very difficult to get his autograph, and an autograph may even be worth money.

 The most common way to find information about a celebrity is to surf the Internet. Many Americans search for fan sites on the Internet or create fan sites. (Fan sites are websites dedicated to a celebrity.) A celebrity usually has one official site and numerous unofficial "fan sites".

 There are also thousands of groups discussing their favorite movies, etc., online. Most groups are very easy to join. Non-members can often read the comments written by members, but only members can post their comments.

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