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Healthy or Unhealthy Food?

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There is a large difference between healthy food and unhealthy food, although both can taste delicious. Fruits and vegetables are two of the few examples of healthy cuisine that taste good. Most other healthy foods, however, do not taste very good at all.

A healthy food is one that provides nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, fat, and water. Eating wholesome, healthy food will help a person maintain their proper weight, avoid tooth decay and cavities, and function better in everyday life. Meats, vegetables, fruits, some dairy products, and grains are examples of healthy foods.

An unhealthy food is just the opposite of a healthy food. These foods are acceptable to consume in moderation, but should generally be avoided, as they provide our bodies with fat and sugars. Frequently eating ?junk foods? like cakes, pies, ice cream, and candy will make a person gain weight, have high cholesterol, have a better chance of getting heart disease, and have cavities.

All healthy vittles can become unhealthy if eaten in large portions or with sugars and fat added. A bowl of wholegrain Cheerios or Wheaties becomes less healthful if doused with two tablespoons of sugar. It is better eaten plain, with milk and a fruit. Similarly, Shredded Wheat and Corn Flakes cereal loses some of its healthiness once it becomes ?frosted? or ?honey nut.? Ice cream and butter are rich in calcium. A major ingredient in chocolate is milk, and nuts are a source of protein. However, if any of these foods is eaten habitually it becomes unhealthy.

This same principle may easily be reversed. If an unhealthy food is eaten in small portions, with some of its fats and sugars removed, it will actually benefit the body. For example: ice cream is unhealthy if eaten habitually, but if some of the milkfat is removed, and it is consumed only once a week, the ice cream will become healthy.

Thankfully, some healthy foods are appetizing. Fruits and most vegetables, with the exception of those vegetables that have no taste (squash, eggplant, zucchini, radishes, brussels sprouts), taste wonderful. Most grains and meats also have a delightful taste. Only barley, tofu, liver, squirrel, and lamb are lacking in what I consider flavor and substance.

Unhealthy, or ?junk? foods are always delicious. Nearly every fruit, vegetable, meat, and grain, besides the above which I don?t enjoy, will taste even better with some sugar or fat added. Meats when cooked on a George Forman grill, which drains the fat from meat while it cooks, do not taste as good as meats taste when grilled regularly. This is because the fat, which gives food flavor, color, and style, has been removed.

Both healthy and unhealthy foods may be palatable, enjoyable to eat, and easy to prepare. While unhealthy foods are usually better tasting than their opposites, fruits and vegetables are two examples of scrumptious edibles. It is quite fortunate that each of us may enjoy both types of food, and allow one to complement the other.

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