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Unit One THIS IS ME任务型教学课堂教案

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The general task:

  The main topic of this unit is the introduction of oneself, including one’s interests & pastimes. Students learn to describe themselves & their friends, & to ask others about their lives. Through the practice of listening, speaking, reading & so on, the students can learn how to introduce the basic information of themselves. (通过听、说、读等操练方式,让学生学会用英语介绍自己的基本信息的技能,进而达到应用语言进行交际的目的。)

Task one: Listening

    After the fast-reading, ask the Students to listen to the tape of the text, to identify main points to get a general impression of different people. The goal of this section is to train the students’ skills of listening.

Task two: Reading

    In this section, the students are asked to read the text carefully, at the same time they are asked to identify specific information about different people from their profiles. This part also make the presentation for the next section which is the most important part of this unit—PRACTISING.

Task three: Practising

    In this section, all the students are divided into the groups of six. They are asked to learn & remember the information of the six different people in the text. After 5~8 minutes’ practice, some of them will be asked to act out as one of the people. The goal of this section is to train the students to learn how to introduce  the basic information of a person, so that they can learn how to get communicated with others.

Task four: Extension

After finishing the main task of the lesson—skill-practising, the students are encouraged to extend their skills of using the English language. According to the answers of the dialogue, try to write out the questions sentences. The goal of this section is to encourage the students to use their learnt knowledge of the language into the communication

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