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Idioms with Foot 与“脚”有关的英语习语

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In general, American teenagers are big spenders. They want to buy things the other kids have: CDs of the latest songs, CD players, videos, video games, elec¬tronic gadgets, fashionable clothes, and even cars. A few parents agree to foot the bill, but others don’t. Instead, they put their foot down and insist that the kids get a job. After all, that is the best way for them to learn how to stand on their own feet and learn the value of money.

At first, the teenagers have cold feet because they lack confidence to go job hunting. They often find a friend who has a job and ask for advice. If they are lucky, their friend will help them get their foot in the door where he works. If their work schedule has the same hours, the friend will even help the newly-hired teen to get his feet wet and suggest things to do in order to put his best foot forward. However, because of their immaturity, teens will sometimes drag their feet and will not be conscientious about doing a good job. They are used to being waited on hand and foot by a caring mother, and haven’t developed a sense of respon¬sibility. If they get off on the wrong foot by having a bad attitude, the boss will fire them.

Having a job is a wonderful real-life education that teaches a teen or young adult to think on his feet. He experiences how rude customers can be, now that the shoe is on the other foot, and realizes how important it is to be courteous. If he develops a habit of always being on his toes and is careful to avoid stepping on co-workers’ toes, he will be very successful. Employers value employees who are enthusiastic, courteous, and have their feet on the ground.
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