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Record 370,000 Chinese to sit for national judicial exam

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 BEIJING, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) -- A record 370,000 people will sit for China's national judicial exam this year, an increase of about 76,000 from 2007, according to Justice Minister Wu Aiying here on Monday.

    The number includes more than 800 Taiwan applicants. It is the first time island residents are allowed to participate.

    The Ministry of Justice announced in April Taiwan residents could sit the exam starting this year. Launched in 2002 and organized by the National Judicial Examination Center under the ministry, it is held annually in September. On the mainland, the registration usually started in early June and closed in late July.

    Last year, 294,000 people took the exam nationwide. About 58,000 persons had passed and obtained the certificates. This accounted for 22.39 percent of the applicants, according to official figures.

    The certificate is required for those who want to be judicial officers or lawyers in China.

    To ensure fair competition, Wu ordered intensified management and control on relevant personnel and exam storage mediums, such as computer and mobile storage devices to prevent exam content leaks.

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