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Unit1 Will people have robots?(教案)

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Unit1 Will people have robots?
Functions       Make predictions
Structures      Future with will 
                Yes/No    questions with short answer
                 Quantities with more, less, fewer
Teaching aims    1.future predictions
                 3.talk about the present ,past and future.
Teaching methods  task-based language teaching       
Teaching aids     tape-recorder
Period  one
Step 1
The students’ activities:  Listen, think and answer.
The teacher’s  activities :  Give some questions like “Do you have a computer ?”/Are you good                                  at English? Is there a TV in your classroom?/If the answer is No, ask with “Will you have a computer ?” /”Will you be goodat English?/Will you ,be a TV in your classroom?
Help the students to answer .”yes ,I will ./No. I won’t .Yes ,there will ./No ,there won’t .Write down the questions and answers. (will…?)
Step 2
Ask and answer using will…?      Help the students use will…?Correctly.
Step 3
Finish 1a ,1b and 1c .(listen and practice)
Step 4
Have a competition .
Write out some sentences using will…? In groups ,the more ,the better.(Help the students as necessary .
Step 5
finish 2a and 2b.(the students should pay attentions to the using of more ,less and fewer and there will be…?) 
Get the students to summerize  the usage of more ,less and fewer .less+不可数名词。Fewer +可数名词。
Step 6
Practice 2c I think there will be ….I agree./I don’t agree./I disagree.
Step 7
Grammar focus : Summerize the importance of this class.
Step 8 Finish the exercises
1 .______there be less pollution? Yes ,there will.
2 Will there______ a computer  in your classroom?
3.There will be more trees.(变为否定句)
4.People will be much healthier.(一般疑问句)
5 .There will be ______(fewer, less)cars .       (contents on the blackboard)
there will be more blue in the sky.    
Will the foods in the future be healthier? 
People won’t go to work five days a week .
Period two
Step 1 Answer the students’questions .        Give some questions.
  Revision    Ask and answer in pairs          1.Will you buy a car in the future?
              Using will…?                 2. Will you be a doctor when you grow up?
Step 2 Listen, think and answer.         Give the students some questions.
1.    Were you in No.2 YingYing Middle school four years ago?/Which school were you in?
2.    Did you like sports four years ago?
3.    Do you like sports now?
4.    Which college will you go to?
Step 3 3a and 3b
     They should see the pictures carefully. The first picture is about the past. The second picture is about the present. The third picture is about the future.
    The teacher will help students to finish 3a and 3b
Step 4   3c Finish 3c(three tenses)   
         The teacher will encourage the students to use more verbs to talk about the present,past and future.
Step 5   4 draw a picture of the city of tomorrow. Then describe it to your class(designerthe teacher will help them as necessary and choose the best designer.
Step 6   Section 1a and 1b
1.  Think of the words about jobs, transportation and places to live they know.
2.  Learn the new words.
The teacher will help students to learn the new words .
Step 7   2a and 2b  listen and do the exercises
          Help them as necessary .
Step 8    2c Role play the conversation between Alexiss and Joe . talk about Joe’s life now.
         Ten years ago and ten years from now.
         The teacher will help them as necessary .
Step 9   My dream
         Talk about something about their present ,past and future.
         The teacher will get the students to pay attention to the past forms and will + v.
Step 10   Do the exercises .
1 .Three years ago, he _____?(be) in high school .
2. In five years ,he_____(be) in college .
3.  Yesterday she ______(take) a bus to school .tomorrow she _____(ride) a bike .
4.  Talk something about the past ,present and future .
period three
1.    The difficulties of teaching .
①   Reading ability .②I think that…
2.    The method of overcoming the difficulties.
(1)Reading by themselves.
(2) Find out the difficulties and solve them in groups.
(3)Read again and fill in the chart .
⑷Answer the questions.
①What will Ming be in ten years ?
② Where will Ming live ?why?
③ Does Ming like living alone ?
 (4)Will Ming have many different pets?
 (5) What will Ming do every day?
3.    Self check: Tell the students some good methods of doing the exercises.
(1)I ___ a uniform  
(2) _____to the moon .
(3)There are many famous predictions (that never come true ) 定语从句
(4)He thought (that computers would never be used by most people)
4.    Activity. Predict the future
practice in groups .talk about the future’s food, clothes, living, transportation, education, economy , environment and so on .(discussion ,survey and reporting)
Period four               Reading
1. Get the students to pay attention to the reading strategy (before you read and after read are important)
2. Go for it (more opening)
3. While you are reading: Do you think you will have your own robot?
(1)  Scientists are now trying to make robots like people.
(2)  Japanese companies have already made robots walk and dance.
(3) It is easy for a child to wake up and know where they are.
(4) They think (that, robots will be able to talk to people in 25 to 50 years)
(5) Over and over again      seem possible
(Words, reading methods, information, writing)
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