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7A, Module 5 Unit 2

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Oxford English 7A, Module 5 Unit 2 (Choosing a new flat)(The Second Period)
Teaching Design

Language focus:
1. Asking “Wh-”questions to find out various kinds of specific information about a person
2. Using prepositions to indicate positon and place
3. Asking “Wh-”questions to find out place
1. Student’s Book 7A page 84
2. Brochures of different estate agencies
3. A computer and a projector
4. Multimedia programmes
Teaching procedure:
Pre-task preparation
1. Sing an English song
2. Role-play the dialogue on page 83
3. Ask and answer based on the play
4. Retell the play
5. Introduce their own living condition
While-task procedure
1. Listen to Look and read once
2. Practise the patterns: What kind of flat would you like ? Where would you like to live?
3. Listen and repeat the dialogue
4. Read the dialogue
5. Have a discussion
6. Make a dialogue
Post-task activity
Sell new flats as estate agents
Display the floor plans on the display board . Have a discussion to find the best one, which matches the teacher’s requirements.

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