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7A, Module 4 Unit 2

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Oxford English 7A, Module 4 Unit 2 (Our animal friends)

Teaching Plan  
Language focus:
1. Learn new word & expressions
2. Text-learning
3. Using the simple present tense to express preferences
Students’ Book 7A page 67
A cassette player, a slide projector
Different kinds of things
Teaching procedure:
Let’s sing a song to relax.
III.Students’ report
Today our topic is “Our animal friends”.
First, let’s watch a short play by students .
IV. Presentation
Thank you.
In their short play , we know animals are very lovely. They are our good friends. So I think most of people like animals, especially you, children . Do you have good animal friends? You bring them here . Would you please show us your animal friends? Please take out and try to introduce your pets. Like this:
1. Do you have a pet at home?
2. What’s it?
3. What’s his/her name?
4. What colour is he/she?
5. How/Where did you get him/her?
Now discuss with your deskmates, I’ll ask some of you to try O.K.?
(Then ask 6 students to introduce.)
All of your pets are nice. But I prefer puppies.
To S1: Which animal do you like ?
S1: I like…
Oh, he/ she prefers… And how about you ? ( To S2 )
S2: I like/ prefer…
Oh, he prefers… Now look at this expression:
----Which one do you like ?
---- I prefer…
Read after me. ( practise )
---- Which food do you like?
---- Which fruit do you like ?
---- Which city do you like ?
Practise this expression in pairs.
Now,do you know which pet Kitty and Ben prefer. Let’s learn Sam’s story. Look at some new words first. ( Show a brochure.)
This is a travel brochure/ a computer brochure. We can also say a travel booklet. ( Show slide )
Read after me .( Show a picture.)
Who is he ? He’s an inspector. A person whose job is to exam or check something.
(Show word: inspector. Read) / ( Show another picture. )
What can you see in the picture? It’s a home for dogs. It’ s a kennel. ( Show word: kennel.Read)
I’ll tell you Sam is at the SPCA kennels. What is SPCA.
( Show slide: SPCA: Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals.)
Read after me. It means an organization which protects animals from danger .
Let’s read all new words.
V. Text-learning
Then let’s come to our text. First, listen to the text, don’t look at your books. Then try to answer some questions about the text . So listen carefully.
(1) Is dog’s name Simon?
(2) Did Ben and Kitty first meet Sam in the pet shop?
(3) Does Kitty prefer the black and white one best ?
(4) Do they want the light brown one ?
(5) What’s the dog’s name ?
(6) Where did they first meet Sam ?
(7) Which pet does Ben prefer?
(8) Which one do they choose finally?
(9) What must Ben and Kitty do if Sam is sick?
All right. Open your books to page 67. Read after the tape sentence by sentence. Pay attention to pronunciation and intonation.
Then you practise the text by groups in roles. Try to imitate as possible as you can.
VI. Consolidation
From the text , we know Kitty and Ben love Sam very much. They take good care of him. They are so kind to animals. But nowadays, a lot of people are cruel to animals. A large number of animals are killed by people. Even some rare animals have disappeared from the earth. It is a sad story. So we must protect animals and protect environment .
Do you agree ? ( Yes. )
According to this situation. I ask you to discuss in groups and give us your stories about this topic.
Please prepare for a while. I’ll play the music. The music stops, you stop.
VII. Summary and assignment
In this class, we learn Sam’s story and we know animals are our good friends. We should be kind to them. We also learn some new words and expression.
Today’s homework:
1. Copy the new words. 2. Recite the text. 3. Complete the report on page 67 .
Comments after class
English is a useful language. It’s a useful tool. We would like our students to use this language flexibly rather than only remembering some phrases.
According to this aim,in this lesson, my design is firstly moving from old knowledge to new knowledge,from previous lesson to the next one.
My topic is “Our animal friends”, and children like animals. So at the beginning of the lesson, I invite students to introduce their favourite animals. They could take their pets to the class and they showed great interest. Next I transferred to the sentence pattern:
“ Which one do you like?”
“ I prefer….”
By asking “ Which animals do you like?”
I let students use all kinds of things they have learned to practise this sentence pattern.
Then I came to the text-learning. I taught them new words by showing them pictures. After that, I asked students to listen and understand the general meaning of the text, read and imitate the pronunciation and intonation of the tape of the text .
At last, I have the students imagine different kinds of stories, concerned the situation nowadays that a lot of rare animals have been destroyed by some unkind people. Let the students know we should protect animals and natural environment .
All above is my outline of the whole class. I think students can learn something not only inside class but also outside class. Maybe I should continue to improve the situational teaching method .

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