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7A,Module 4 Unit 1

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Oxford English 7A,Module 4 Unit 1 ( Visiting Relatives )
Teaching Design

Teaching aims:
In this lesson,train students’ capability of Research-orientated learning,Cooperative learning and Independent learning.
Teaching focus:
1. Asking “How” questions to find out the length of a period of time
2. Asking “How” questions to find out price
3. Learning how to describe places
4. Learning how to get information and compare it
Teaching Materials:
1. Student’s Book 7A
2. A computer
Teaching Procedure:
1.Conduct a short play between Mr. Li and Kitty. Then ask the questions.
T: “Why hasn’t Mr. Li decided?”
S: “Maybe he wants to know the price and the length of time.”
(Aim: Present the structures.Students find Mr. Li hasn’t decided whether to go to Beijing.Then according to their experience of traveling , they can use the structures “How long does it take…”and“How much does it cost?” to ask for the length of a period of time and price.)
2. Have a competition
They ask and answer the questions . The one gets the nearest answer, his or her group will win.
(Aim: To consolidate the structures by guessing the price and time . )
3. Learn the text
(1)Talk about how to get information.
S : “From books,magazines,newspapers,other people,computers etc.”
(2) Let students read the first part of the text after the tape.
(3) Let students make dialogues to complete the second part of the text .
( Aim: To practise the capability of cooperation. )
II. While-task
1. Have students talk about the scenes in Beijing by using the key words.
( Aim: To learn how to describe places and to pave for further exercise . )
2. Have students introduce some new travel routes .
They should search for information before class by themselves.Then one acts as an agent, others
ask for information about traveling .
( Aim: First it can practise the capability of Independent learning and Research Oriented learning. Second by asking and answering,students consolidate their knowledge and spread the limits of knowledge. It also trains their capability of Cooperation learning. )
III. Post-task
1. Have a discussion.
And tell “ Where would you like to visit and why ?”
(Aim: To compare information and make conclusions.)
2. Let students design holiday plans.
(Aim: To practise the capability of writing.)
A Holiday Plan I will go to ______by ________ . It costs me _______ yuan . I will set off on _______ and come back on________ .(date) I will visit ______,_______,…. and ________ .
3. Express their feeling after traveling.
T: “ There’re many beautiful places in our country. After traveling,what do you think of our motherland?”
S: “It’s beautiful/wonderful/great.It’s becoming more and more modern/stronger .”
(Aim: To arouse students’ feeling of loving motherland.)
4. Make a conclusion of this lesson.
Functions: how to get information,how to compare it,how to describe something.
IV. Homework
Design a tourist guide for foreigners.
(Aim: to use knowledge comprehensively. To practise the capability of Independent learning and Research-oriental learning .)

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