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7A, Module 3 Unit 4

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Oxford English 7A, Module 3 Unit 4 ( Forests and Land )Teaching Design

Teaching aims:
1. To develop the students’ abilities of listening, reading, writing and speaking
2. To further understand the importance of protecting the forests and arouse their awareness of protecting the forests
Language focus:
1. Using adjectives to describe objects
2. Using “Wh-” questions to find out specific information about an object
Teaching procedure:
Pre-task preparation:
1. Review the words and “Look and read” on page 56.
2. Introduce new words.
While-task procedure:
1. Organize a game .
2. Let the students watch a video.
3. Play the recording : Play a game . Students listen and follow in their books.
4. Tell them to compare things which are made of different materials to elicit: prefer .
Post-task activities:
1. Students make short dialogues.
2. Conduct an activity: the best salesman.
3. Ask students to discuss how to protect the environment .
Complete the report .

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