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Oxford English 7A, Module 3 Unit 3

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Oxford English 7A, Module 3 Unit 3 ( Page 53 of Sea water and rain water)
Teaching Design  
Teaching aims:
1. To develop the students’ abilities of listening, reading, writing and speaking
2. To further understand the importance of saving water and arouse their awareness of saving water
Language focus:
1. Asking “How” questions to find out means
2. Using connectives to express conditions
3. Further understanding of the importance of saving water
1. Student’s book 7A
2. A computer
3. Forms copied for each student
4. Several pieces of paper for making posters
Teaching procedure:
Pre-task preparation:
1. Review an English poem: Water
2. A dialogue about the knowledge of water given by the students on duty. Raise questions and answer these questions about it . ( students vs. students activity)
3. Review the usage of the water
Ask students to name as much ways of using water as they can.
Have a group competition.
4. Ask the students to think about the following question, “What will happen if there is no water?” Show a set of pictures of water shortage and ask them to identify them. Encourage them to say more .
( 在此,提出了一个假设,请同学们设想一下没有水的生活。从另一个层面肯定水的重要性,并引出课文。)
While-task procedure:
Introduce the new dialogue:
1. Students watch the slides and listen to the recording, “Think and Say” (P53)
2. Ask them to answer the questions they have heard from the tape.
3. Students listen again and repeat.
4. Students read the dialogue with their partners.
5. Show more pictures of saving water and ask the students to use the sentences they’ve learned to talk about them.
----How can we save water?
----We can save water by (not)…
Students do pair work.
6. Students look at the picture of a house in which people are using water in different ways and listen to the tape . Then ask them to identify which actions are wrong and give their reasons.
Post-task activities:
1. Divide the class into groups of four. Students make some short plays about saving water.
2.Invite several groups to act at the front and ask students to give conclusions after each performance.
3.Distribute a form to each student , “How can we save water?” Ask students to finish them. Invite a
more able student to come to the front to complete it .
4. Distribute a piece of paper to each group of four and ask them to design posters.
5. Invite the students to introduce their posters at the front and put their posters on the blackboard .
Ask each student to do a survey among his neighbors.Try to find out how they use water every day and what they can do to save water and write a report .

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