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1. 一只电子狗______________  2. 我的主人__________________

3. 看书_____________________  4. 早上好__________________

5. 如何照顾Kitty_______________  6. 晚上好_________________

7. 遇到新朋友____________  8. 晚安_____________________________

9. 北京阳光中学_____________________10. 他们第一堂英语课__________________


(      )1. Thisis a very interesting book with lots of new words. Please ______ it carefully.

A.look          B. see        C. look at        D. read

(      )2. I really love sports. Can you tell mehow ___ like a good swimmer?

   A. swims         B. to swimming       C. to swim    D. swimming

(      )3. The teacher asks the students towrite an article______ the Mid-Autumn Day.

   A. in       B. of        C. about      D. at

(      )4. Please introduce yourselves ______each other.

   A. to        B. with      C. and      D. about

(      )5. Excuse ______, are ______my newclassmate?

   A. me, you      B. my, your    C. I, you   D. me, your

(      )6. Let’s ______ each other.

   A. make friends    B. make friends to    C. make friend with   D. make friends with

(      )7. — ___________?      — My name is Mark.

   A. Are you Mark?   B. What’s this in English   C. Hello, Mark.   D. What’s your name?

(      )8. What ______ your sister’s name?

   A. are       B. does         C. is        D. were

(      )9. — It’s time to go to bed, Lily!      — Ok. ______, Mummy.

   A. Good morning.     B. Good afternoon.     C. Good evening    D. Good night

(      )10. Here is a bag. Could youcarry________ for the old man?

   A. it       B. its       C. it’s       D. them


1. Sandyand Lucy __________ (be) in the same class.

2. Do you__________ (know) that girl?

3. Daniel__________ (wear) glasses every day.

4. Millieoften __________ (fly) a kite with her brother.

5. She__________ (not like) comic books.

6. DoesSimon __________ (watch) TV on Saturday?

7. —Wheredoes he have lunch?

   — He always__________ (have) lunch atschool.

8. Theywant __________ (play) table tennis.

9. Daveusually __________ (go) running in the morning.

10. Catsenjoy __________ (eat) fish.



L: Hello.

M: Hi!

L: My name __________ Liu Mei. __________your name?

M: __________ Mike.

L: Nice to meet you!

M: __________ __________ ____________________, too.

L: __________ be friends.


Joan: Good morning!

Ann: __________ __________!

Joan: __________ __________ __________?

Ann: My name is Ann.

Joan: Nice to meet you.

Ann: __________ __________ ____________________, __________.

Joan: Welcome to our school.

Ann: __________ __________.



1. 戴眼镜___________ 2. 喜欢阅读__________________________

3. 读书俱乐部__________________ 4. 喜欢跳舞___________________

5. 努力学习_______________ 6. 喜欢玩电脑游戏____________________

7. 擅长游泳_______________ 8. 出生于____________________________

9. 居住在苏州______________ 10.来自北京__________________________


1. Hisfather is a kind man. He is very __________(乐于助人)

2.You canfind Millie in the__________(阅读)room.

3. Do youwant __________(居住)in Shanghai?

4. She__________(有) black hair and big eyes.

5. Maryenjoys __________(游泳)in summer.

6. He isa __________(有趣)boy. We all like him.

7. Areyou good at __________(跳舞)?

8. I was__________(出生)in Shanghai.

9. Theman with __________(眼镜)is my English teacher.

10. Weare __________(主人)of our country.


(      )1. Where ______ my glasses? I can’t find______.

A.     is,it     B. does, it    C. are, them     D. do, them

(      )2. My cousin is ______.

   A. in Class five, Grade Six              B. in class five, grade six

   C. in the Class Five, Grade Six           D. in Class Five, Grade Six

(      )3. Daniel ______ the fourth floor.

   A. live on       B. live in      C. lives in     D. lives on

(      )4. He ______ born in 1994, so he ______12 years old this year.

   A. be, is      B. was, was     C. was, is    D. is, is

(      )5. —______ you born in Suzhou?   —No, ______.

   A. Was, I wasn’t  B. Was, I wasn’t C. Were, you weren’t  D. Were, I wasn’t

(      )6. —______ everyone here today?    —Yes, we______.

   A. Is, is all here     B. Are, are all here    C. Is, all are here     D. Is, are all here

(      )7.He loves ______ music at night.

   A. to listen     B. listening    C. listens to     D. listening to

(      )8. Where ______ his new classmates______ from?

   A. is, come    B. are, come    C. does, come   D. are, /

(      )9. My aunt’s hair ______ black andbeautiful.

   A. are     B. is     C. was     D. were

(      )10. ______ your best friend good at______ ?

   A. Do, dance     B. Does, dancing   C. Are, dancing    D. Is, dancing


1. Myparents __________ (come) from Shangdong.

2. Sam__________ (not like) playing computer games.

3. Thebeautiful girl __________ (wear) glasses.

4. TheZhang family __________ (live) in a flat in Nanjing.

5. Myfather loves __________ (read) newspapers after supper.

6. What__________ her classmates __________ (call) her teacher?

7__________ you __________ (love) each other in your family?

8.__________ (be) your cousin very clever at maths?


1. 我有一个堂弟。他有礼貌并且乐于助人。


2. 那个女孩喜欢读书,她是阅读俱乐部的。


3. —你是杭州人吗?      —不,我是苏州人。


4. 她在七(4)班 , 她学习很刻苦。


5. Sandy长着短头发,戴着眼镜。





1. 又高又苗条_______________ 2. 在七(1)班_______________________

3. 很喜欢北京___________ 4. 喜欢听音乐________________________

5. 12岁____________________ 6. 欢迎来到七年级____________________

7. 有礼貌而乐于助人________________ 8. 放学后_____________________

9. 出生在上海___________ 10. 乌黑的长发________________________


 Hello, my n__________ is Nancy. I am 11 y__________ old. I wasb__________ in the USA.I l__________ in a flat in Beijingnow. I don’t w__________ glasses. I e__________ singing and dancing very much.I am g__________ at Maths. I want to b__________ a scientist when I grow up.


1. Thegirl is thirteen years __________ (young).

2. Helikes to help others. He is very __________ (help).

3. Lucyis in the __________ (read) Club.

4. Thewoman with __________ (glass) is our Maths teacher.

5. Thisis Zhao Xiaoli. Lily is her __________ (England) name.


1. Thestudents always takes photos over there.                     (    ) ____________

 A             B    C    D

2. —Whatcan you see in the bag?

        A       B

  —I can see many bread.                                      (    ) ____________

      C     D

3. I havethree nice pictures. Would you like have alook?             (    ) ____________

                 A       B          C D

4. There isn’tany water in my glass. Give me any, please.             (    ) ____________

        A  B                 C      D

5. Thereare some tea and milk in those cups.                       (    ) ____________

     A    B        C        D


(      )1. My sister is good ______ volleyball.

A. in playing    B. play   C. at play    D. at playing

(      )2. Daniel likes playing ______, andSimon likes playing ______.

A. football, piano                B. the football, piano  

C. the football, the piano          D. football, the piano

(      )3. The man ______ glasses is our Historyteacher.

A. in       B. on       C. with       D. wears

(      )4. He can’t mend his bike. Let’s ______.

A. help him    B. helping him     C. help me    D. to help he

(      )5. —Your English is very good.—________.

   A. You’re welcome.   B. Oh, no.   C. You’re right.    D. Thank you.

(      )6. There are two ______ of ______ on thedesk.

   A. pairs, glass      B. pair, glasses     C. pairs, glasses   D. pair, glass

(      )7. Kitty enjoys ______ very much.

   A. skates      B. to skate      C. to skating    D. skating

(      )8. ______ your father _____ readingnewspapers?

   A. Is, enjoy      B. Do, enjoy      C. Are, enjoy    D. Does, enjoy

(      )9. ______ are in Class 1, Grade 6.______ in the same class.

   A. Jimmy, I and Tom; Their           B. I, Jimmy and Tom; They’re  

C. Jimmy, Tom and I; They’re         D. Jimmy, Tom and I; We’re

(      )10. Our English teacher seldom ______the orange coat.

   A. putting on     B. puts on     C. wears      D. wear


1. Canyou look __________ the baby for me?

2. Look__________ the blackboard, please.

3. Wheredoes he live? He lives __________ a big city.

4. Isyour brother good __________ running?

5. Amycomes __________ London.

6. Thestudents always play football __________ school.

7. Mybest friend is __________ Class 4, Grade 7.

8. Theold man can only see things __________ glasses.


1. 那个苗条的女孩是我的新同学。


2. Sandy不擅长跳舞,但她擅长游泳。


3. 那个男孩喜欢打电脑游戏吗?


4. —你姐姐很高吗?     —不,她个头很小。


5. 她喜欢在晚饭后听音乐。




1. 打排球_________________ 2. 踢足球______________________

3. 打羽毛球___________________ 4. 在足球场上_________________

5. 在游泳池里__________________ 6. 在羽毛球场__________________

7. 该上体育课了______________ 8. 进行体育运动__________________


fly­­_______      walk­­________    go__________      watch­­________

enjoy­­_____      take­­_______      have­­______      stay­­________

do­­_______       miss______      study­­________      ask­­__________


 1. Miss Lu ­­__________ (teach) them English.

 2. He ­­__________ (not watch) TV everyevening.

 3. ­­__________ she ­­__________ (enjoy) ­­__________(swim)?

 4. My little cat ­­__________ (eat) fish everyday.

 5. Millie always ­­__________ (take) the busto the library at the weekend.

 6. We ­­__________ (not go) to school onSaturdays and Sundays.

 7. The old man ­­__________ (clean) his bighouse once a week.

 8. The boy often ­­__________ (draw) picturesin the park.

 9. ­­__________ your father good at ­­__________(cook)?

10. She ­­__________(read) English in the morning every day.


1. Lilyis good at Chinese. (对划线部分提问)


2. Theycan sing English songs very well. (对划线部分提问)


3. It’s half past six now. (对划线部分提问)


4. Amy lovesdancing. (改为否定句)


5. He doeshomework in the evening. (改为一般疑问句)


6. The studentsenjoy having English class. (改为单数形式)


7. His cousin isfrom Canada.(改为同义句)



Millisis a girl student. She ­­__________ (be) 12 years old. She ­­__________ (study)in Sunshine Secondary School. She __________ (get)up at six every day. She __________ (read) English and Chinese in the morningand then__________ (go) to school at seven.

Millie’sfirst class __________ (begin) at eight. she __________ (have) four classes inthe morning and three in the afternoon. After school, she always __________(play) volleyball with her friends. In the evening, Millie __________ (do)homework. She __________ (not like) __________ (watch) TV, but she __________(love) listening to the radio very much. She can __________ (sing) many Englishsongs.


A manalways went to the same bar ­__1__ the same time every day and asked for twoglasses of beer. He drank them and then asked for two__2__.

Oneday the man behind the bar said to him, “Why do you always ask for two glassesof beer? Why don’t you get one big glass instead?”

Theman answered, “Because I do not like to __3__ alone. I drink__4__ my friend.”

But__5__ days later, the man came in and asked only for one beer.

“Oh,”said the barman “Has your friend died?”

“Oh,__6__,” said the man. “He is very __7__. The beer is __8__ him. But I stopped__9__beer. My doctor doesn’t want me to drink any more because it is __10__ forme.”

(      )1. A. in            B. about         C. at           D. on

(      )2. A. another       B. other          C. more        D. much

(      )3. A. drink         B. eat           C. play         D. make 

(      )4. A. for           B. with          C. to           D. about

(      )5. A. a few         B. few          C. much         D. lots

(      )6. A. yes          B. sure           C. no          D. certainly

(      )7. A. ill           B. happy         C. angry        D. well

(      )8. A. to           B. for            C. give         D. with

(      )9. A. eating        B. to eat          C. to drink      D. drinking

(      )10. A. usually      B. badly          C. good         D. bad  



1. 带我的狗散步_______________ 2. 在七点吃早饭__________________

3. 在午饭时间_____________________ 4. 走回家______________________

5. 坐公交车回家_____________ 6. 跑步半小时_________________

7. 在我祖父母家________________ 8. 在饭店吃饭___________________

9. 喜欢画画_____________________ 10. 和我同学交谈_________________

11. 放学后打排球______________ 12. 和我一起放风筝_________________


(      )1. —Your voice is very sweet.          —________.

   A. You’re welcome.   B. Oh, no.   C. You’re right.    D. Thank you.

(      )2. What a lovely dog! What’s ______name?

   A. it       B. he      C. his       D. it’s

(      )3. —What ______ your uncle?      —He’s a policeman.

   A. is      B. are        C. do       D. does

(      )4.I hope you and your family ______.

   A. well    B. are well     C. fine    D. are good

(      )5. They usually have supper ______ 6.20 p.m. ______ the evening.

   A. on, at   B. at, in     C. in, on     D. at, at

(      )6. The girl doesn’t like the skirt______ red flowers.

   A. have      B. has        C. with        D. and

(      )7. His uncle takes his dog ______ a walk______every lunchtime.

   A. for, at      B. of, at     C. of, /     D. for, /

(      )8. It is going to rain. He must______now .

   A. runs to home     B. run to home    C. runs home    D. run home

(      )9. The student ______ the library at theweekend.

   A. by bus go to    B. takes the bus go to C. by bus to  D. takes the bus to

(      )10. He often goes to work ______ hiscar.

   A. by       B. in     C. at      D. drive


1. Thestudents leave school at 5 p.m. (对划线部分提问)


2. Mrs.Smith sometimes does the running in the park. (对划线部分提问)


3. The babydrinks milk every day. (对划线部分提问)


4. There is somegood news in today’s newspaper. (改为否定句)


5. We know a lotof English words now. (改为一般疑问句)


6. He always goesto school by bus. (改为同义句)


7. The girl doeswell in singing and dancing. (改为同义句)



1. —她怎样回家?         —她总是走回家。


2. 星期天他经常和他的同学们在公园放风筝。


3. 她早上6点30吃早饭,然后和朋友一块去上学。


4. 星期六他在他爷爷奶奶家吃饭。


5. 我妈不看我们的足球比赛,但我爸喜欢看。



Mr and Mrs Su don’toften go out in the evening, but today they go out for a walk after supper.They go to the park and have a good time there. On their way home, Mr Su saysto Mr Su, “Look! A woman is running in the street and a man is running afterher.” Mr Su says, “ What’s the matter? Let’s go and help her.”

Now the woman getsnear them. Mr Su asks, “Shall we help you?” “No, thank you,” the woman says,“My husband and I are running home, and the slower one does the housework.”


(      )1.In the evening, Mrand Mrs Su often __________.

A. go out for awalk            B. go out and watchpeople running

C. stay at home                D. stay at home and dohousework

(      )2.Mr and Mrs Su have agood time __________.

A. at home    B. in the park    C. in the street   D. today

(      )3.They see __________are running in the street.

   A. awoman     B. a man    C. a man and a woman    D. many people

(      )4.The woman is running__________ the man.

   A.before    B. after    C. beside   D. behind

(      )5.Housework is__________.

   A.homework               B. exercisespeople do in their houses  

 C. staying in the house        D. cleaning, washing and cooking

Integrated skills


1. 读有关足球的书_____________ 2. 效力黄河足球队_____________

3. 擅长射门______________________ 4. 下一届世界杯________________

5. 看起来很快乐__________________ 6. 在比赛中踢得好______________

7. 最新成员___________________ 8. 体育新闻___________________

9. 在校排球队_________________ 10. Simon最喜欢的足球选手__________


(      )1.In summer, he always ____ an hour in the swimming pool every day.

   A. swimming at        B. swim for      C. swims at      D. swims for

(      )2. Xiao Li is crazy about basketball.Yao Ming is ______ favorite basketball player.

   A. he        B. him         C. she         D. her

(      )3. Sandylikes watching TV programs ______ animals.

   A. in        B. by         C. about       D. of

(      )4. My father enjoys reading news ______sports.

   A. on       B. with        C. for        D. at

(      )5. Mike is ______ member of our class.We are in ______ group.

   A. the newest, different            B. newest, same

 C. the newest,the different          D. the newest, thesame

(      )6. Bill ______ the next football match.

   A. wants to wins      B. wants to be win       C. wants to do      D. wants to win

(      )7. She is going to ______ a singer whenshe ______ up.

   A. do, grow       B. is, grow     C. be, grows    D. be, growing

(      )8. ______ your teacher ______ happytoday?

   A. Is, looking       B. Does, look        C. Are, look        D. Does, look at

(      )9. She doesn’t dance ______ in thedancing contest.

   A. good         B. fine         C. nice         D. well

(      )10. Girls often talk _____ beautifulclothes.

   A. on       B. about        C. to        D. at


1. Wheredoes your cousin live in?                                _____

2. Myfather is 1.76 meter tall.                                   _____

3. Tomdoesn’t like go skating at the weekend.                      _____

4. Thestudent usually run home when it’s raining.                   _____

5. Wouldyou like any tea?                                      _____


1. Myclassmates often help me and I often help them.


2. Whatabout a cup of tea?

  ­__________ you __________ a cup of tea?

3. Lilyplays chess very well.

  Lily is __________  __________ __________ chess.

4. Hisbrother is a schoolboy in a middle school.

  His brother is a __________  __________ __________.

5. Jackalways walks to school.

  Jack always __________  __________ school __________  __________.


Little Val is five. He likes to eat in arestaurant. He often has hamburgers and potato chips for supper. Many people inthe restaurant know little Val very well. They often ask him, “Why do you liketo eat here?” Little Val says, “Because I like the toys here.” “Why don’t yougo to the toy shop then?” “Because toy shops have toys but they don’t havehamburgers or potato chips.” Little Val answers.


(      )1. Where does little Val like to eat?

 A. At home.     B. In theschool.    C. In the restaurant.   D. In the sea.

(      )2. He often has hamburgers and potatochips ________?

   A. for lunch    B. for meals    C. for breakfast    D. for supper

(      )3. He is ______ known to the people inthe restaurant.

   A. good   B. nice     C. well   D. better

(      )4. Little Val would like ______ in therestaurant.

   A. to play football    B. something to eat   C. cakes and eggs   D. dumplings and noodles

Main task


1. 用英语说这个单词___________2. 借用你的橡皮_____________________

3. 我不知道____________________ 4. 擅长体育运动___________________

5. 问题的答案____________________ 6. 喜欢和他们玩_______________

7. 和我的家人住在北京____________ 8. 我所有的课___________________

9. 深褐色的眼睛_________________10. 有许多朋友____________________


(      )1. —Can you ______ a pen to me?   —Sorry, but I can ______ my sister’s to you.

   A. lend, lend      B. lend, borrow  C. borrow, borrow  D. borrow, lend

(      )2. I want to ______ some CDs ______ mybest friend this weekend.

   A. lend, from      B. borrow, from    C. borrow, to     D. borrow, for

(      )3. What about having ______ to drink?

   A. something     B. anything     C. some    D. any

(      )4. —Can I borrow ______ ink?     —Sorry, I ______.

   A. any, have no              B. any, don’t have one 

 C. some, don’thave any       D. some, don’t have some

(      )5. —______. Is it five o’clock now?   — ______, I don’t know.

   A. Sorry, Sorry    B. Sorry, Excuse me   C. Excuse me, Sorry   D. Excuse me, Excuse me

(      )6. ______ do you ______ that in English?

   A. What, speak     B. How, say     C. What, say     D. How, speak

(      )7. Shall we start ______ games now?

   A. to play      B. to playing      C. plays     D. to start to begin

(      )8. I can’t see anything because it is______ outside.

   A. black    B. bright     C. dark     D. light

(      )9. There is ______ water in the sea.

   A. more    B. a lots of      C. many     D. much

(      )10.______ are really lovely.

   A. She all the dolls     B. All her doll   C. Her all dolls  D. All her dolls


1. Whatwould your parents like ____________ (have) for dinner?

2. —Who_______(clean) the classroom every Friday?    —Millie does.

3. It’s eight o’clock. The twin sisters_______ (watch) TV in the sitting room.

4. —What____________ your mother ____________(do) on Saturdays?

  —She often ____________(buy) things for mygrandparents.

5.____________(not look) out of the window.


1.Ronaldo is my favorite football ____________ (play).

2. He’salways the ____________ (one) to school.

3. Weshould be ____________ (help) to others.

4. Thisbasketball team is the ____________ (well) in the world.

5. Youmust look after __________ (you) well.


1. The boy inwhite is his son.(对划线部分提问)


2. We can win thegame because our members are very good. 对划线部分提问)


3. Theboys always play tennis for more than an hour. (对划线部分提问)


4. His father isstrong and he can lift two heavy boxes. (改为否定句)


5. My mother buysa bottle of orange for me. (改为一般疑问句)



1. 她喜欢听音乐,所以她买了许多CD。


2. 他所有的朋友都不喜欢打排球。


3. —我能借用你的尺子吗?      — 对不起,我没有。


4. 你知道这道题目的答案吗?


5. 她说我是她最好的朋友。





(      )1. Her father and mother ______ drinkingblack tea.

   A. are both like  B. are all like       C. both dislike      D. all dislike

(      )2. My grandma’s birthday is _______September 2nd.

   A. at       B. on        C. in        D. for

(      )3. Your parents______.

   A. sounds great     B. sounds good    C.sound well    D.sound good

(      )4. —______ do you like your school?    —Oh, I like it very much.

   A. What     B. Why      C. How     D. How much

(      )5. She has two daughters. One is Lucy,______ is Lily.

   A. two         B. anther        C. one        D. the other

(      )6. Simon and Michael are brothers. Bothof ______ are left- handed.

   A. they         B. theirs        C. them        D. their

(      )7. This is not ______ school bag. ______is black.

   A. hers, her       B. his, his       C. he’s, his        D. her, she’s

(      )8. Is ping-pong very __________ in China?

   A. popular         B. polite        C. good       D. clever

(      )9. The Blacks ________ their neighborsvery well.

   A. know      B. are knowing    C. knows      D. is knowing

(      )10. Every student ________to see thefamous scientist.

 A. ishappy      B. are happy    C. is happily    D. are happy


1.      __________your aunts good at __________ (make) cakes?

2.      He __________ (not like) __________ (drink) milk.

3.      How __________ (be) your grandfather?

4.      My little cat really __________ (want) __________ (eat) fish.

5.      He __________ (not know) where __________ (sit).

6.      Each of us can __________ (sing) an English song.

7.      Who __________ (bring) the dog here?

8.      There are lots of things for ________ (he) ________ (do) now.

9.      Our teacher always __________ (say) every student can________ (be) very good.

10.  ________(not late) for school next time.


Hanssaid to his friend Kurt, “I’m going to take my car to drive to London.”

Kurt said, “Driving to London is very hard. You aren’t going to findyour hotel.” But Hans was not afraid. He drove to Calais,put his car on the ship, took it off at Dover,and drove to London.

He stopped near the city and looked at his map. Thenhe drove into London,but he did not find his hotel. He drove round and round for an hour, and thenhe stopped and got out of his car. A taxi came, and Hans stopped it. “Take meto the Brussels Hotel,” he said. But he did not get into the taxi: he got backinto his car. The taxi man laughed, but then he drove to the Brussels Hotel,and Hans followed him in his car. They reached the hotel in two minutes.



(      )1. Hans went to London by ________.

A. car     B. sea   C. air    D. both sea and land

(      )2. Hans lost his way in ________.

   A. Calais     B. London    C. Dover    D. Brussels

(      )3. Hans did not find his hotel because________.

   A. he had a map                      B. he had no map

   C. it was not easy to find the way        D. he was not good at driving

(      )4. Hans stopped a taxi and ________.

   A. followed it to the hotel       B. got into it

   C. laughed                   D. drove it to the hotel

(      )5. Hans found his hotel in ________.

   A. an hour     B. two minutes   C. an hour and two minutes     D. more than one hour四、书面表达:


 1. 14岁,身高1.70米, 蓝眼睛,短头发。

 2. 出生在美国,但现在和父母住在苏州。

 3. 喜欢学习,比较擅长数学。

4. 热爱运动,放学后经常和同学们一起踢足球。

5. 非常喜欢中国,认为中国朋友既有礼貌又乐于助人。













Unit 1      This is me!

Welcome to the unit


an e-dog , my master, read books, goodmorning, how to look after Kitty, good evening, meet new friends, good night,Beijing Sunshine Secondary School, their first English lesson

二、选择填空:D C C A A D D C D A


are, know, wears, flies, doesn’t, watch, has,to play, goes, eating


Is, What’s, I’m, Nice, to, meet, you, Let’s,Good, morning, What’s, your, name, Nice, to, meet, you, too, Thank, you

Reading( 1)


wear glasses, like reading, Reading Club,loving dancing, work hard, enjoy playing computer games, be good at swimming,be born, live in Suzhou, come from Beijing


helpful, reading, to live, has, swimming,funny, dancing, born, glasses, masters




come, doesn’t like, wears, live, reading, do/call, Do/ love, is


 1. I have a cousin. He is polite and helpful.

 2. The girl loves reading. She is in theReading Club.

 3. —Do you come from Hangzhou?     —No, I come from Suzhou.

 4. She is in Class4, Grade 7, she works veryhard.



tall and slim, in Class1, Grade 7, loveBeijing very much, like listening to music, 12 years old, welcome to Grade 7,polite and helpful, after school, be born in Shanghai, long black hair


   name, years, born, live, wear, enjoy, good,be


old, helpful, Reading, glasses, English


B, take, D, much, C, to have, D, some, A,There is

五、选择填空:D D C A D C D D DC


after, at, in, at, from, after, in, with


  1. The slim girl is my new classmate.

  2. Sandyisn’t good at dancing, but she is good at swimming.

  3. Does that boy like playing computer games?

  4. —Is your sister very tall?   — No, she is small.

  5. She likes listening to music after supper.



play volleyball, play football, playbadminton, on the football field, in the swimming pool, on the badminton court,it’s time for PE lesson, play sport


flies, walks, goes, watches, enjoys, takes,has, stays, does, misses, studies, asks


teaches, doesn’t watch, Does/enjoy/ swimming,eats, takes, don’t go, cleans, draws, Is/ cooking, reads


 1. What is Lily good at?

 2. How can they English songs?

 3. What time is it now?

 4. Amy doesn’t love dancing.

 5. Does he do homework in the evening?

 6. The student enjoys having English class.

 7. His cousin comes from Canada.


Is, studies, gets, reads, goes, begins, has,plays, does, doesn’t like, watching, loves, sing





take my dog for a walk, have breakfast at 7,at lunchtime, walk home, take a bus home, run for half an hour, at mygrandparents’ home, eat in the restaurant, like drawing, talk to my friends, playvolleyball after school, fly a kite with me

二、选择填空:D C A B B C D D DB


1. When do the students leaveschool?

 2. Where does Mrs. Smith sometimes do therunning?

 3. What does the baby drink every day?

 4. There isn’t any good news in today’s newspaper.

 5. Do you know a lot of English words now?

 6. He always takes the bus to school.

 7. The girl is good at singing and dancing.


 1. —How does she go home?     —She always walks home.

 2. He often flies kites with his classmates inthe park on Sundays.

 3. She has breakfast at 6.30, and then goes toschool with his friends.

 4. He has dinner at his grandparents’ home onSaturday.

 5. My mother doesn’t watch our football match,but my father likes watching it.



Integrated skills

一、词组翻译:read books about football, play for Huanghe Footbal Team, be good atscoring goals, the next World Cup, look happy, play well in the match, thenewest member, sports news, in the school volleyball team, Simon’s favouritefootball player

二、选择填空:D D C A D D C B D B

三、单句改错:live— / , meter— meters, go—to go,run—runs, any—some


  1. My classmates and I often help each other.

  2. Would you like a cup of tea?

  3. Lily is good at playingchess.

  4. My brother is a middle schoolstudent.

  5. Jack always goes to school onfoot.

五、阅读理解:C D C B

Main task


say the word in English, borrow your rubber,I don’t know, be good at sport, the answer to the question, like playing withthem, live with my family in Beijing, all my lessons, dark brown eyes, havemany friends

二、选择填空:A B A C C B A C DD


to have, cleans, are watching, does/do/ buys,Don’t look


Player, first, helpful, best, yourself


  1. Which boy is his son?

  2. Why can you win the game?

  3. How long do the boys always play tennis?

  4. His father isn’t strong and he can’t lifttwo heavy boxes.

  5. Does your mother buy a bottle of orangefor you?


  1. She likes listening to music, so she buysa lot of CDs.

  2. All his friends don’t like playingvolleyball.

  3. — Can I borrow your ruler?   —Sorry, I don’t have one.

  4. Do you know the answer to the question?

  5. She says I am her best friend.


二、选择填空:C B D C D C B A A A       


Are/ making, doesn’t like/drinking, is, wants/ to eat, doesn’t know/ to sit, sing, brings, him/ to do,says/be, Don’t be

三、阅读理解:D B C A D          


My e-friend Simon is 14 years old.He is 1.70 meters tall. He has blue eyes and short hair. Simon was born in the USA, but now he lives with his parents in Suzhou. Simon lovesstudying. He is good at Maths. He also likes sport. He often plays footballwith his classmates after school. Simon loves China very much. He thinks Chinesefriends are polite and helpful


牛津七年级英语预备课程期中考试试题 试题 englishfan 2011-10-22 17:31:21一、 按要求完成各题.(20分)
1. How are you_________(今天)?     
2. I have two new ___________(朋友)。 They’re Sammi and Pat.
3.In the wall, there’re six __________(窗户).
4. Don’t ________(爬)the tree. It’s too dangerous. 
...[postmoney=1]牛津七年级英语预备课程期中考试试题.rar (文件大小:9.00 KB)

牛津初中英语stater unit 7学案 学案 jetshing 2011-10-04 15:38:42主备:郭玲娟        课型:新授        审核:七年级英语组
班级 __________     姓名 __________   学号 _____________
2、掌握下列单词:shirt, colour,  white,  coat,  orange,  these,  dad,  black…. 
4、熟练掌握What colour is /are ...? whose…is it?...
...[postmoney=1]牛津初中英语stater unit 7学案.rar (文件大小:46.85 KB)

初中牛津英语预备课程Starter的教学建议与知识结构 教材培训 jetshing 2011-09-18 12:24:59初中牛津英语预备课程Starter的教学建议与知识结构.rar (文件大小:43.14 KB)

请教!“牛津英语预备课程的教学” 教案 shangrila320 2011-09-18 11:20:50目前在上预备课程,由于以前没有上过,不知道难度的把握以及一单元的节奏改如何控制?


牛津英语Starter Unit 11课堂作业设计活页纸 同步练习 jetshing 2011-09-12 15:51:25牛津英语Starter Unit 11课堂作业设计活页纸.rar (文件大小:15.44 KB)

牛津初中英语预备课程(Starter)全册各单元教学案 学案 jetshing 2011-09-11 22:58:52编审:赵佩明、戴 军、沈爱萍、孙涛、王俊
Unit 1     Hello !
1. Good morning, Miss Fang. 早上好,方小姐。
2.Goodbye! 再见. 它的简略形式是 “Bye-bye”或 “Bye”。
3. How are you? 你身体好吗?
在词句中,how的意思是问健康状况如何。How are you?是西方人们见面时常用问候语,有时它只是一句寒睻客套语,并非真要问别人的健康情况。对它的回答可以说 “I’m fine.”或 “I’m OK.”
4. And you?
这儿等于And how are you? 意思是“你也好吗?” 回答时通常也用I’m fine.或I’m OK.
...[postmoney=7]牛津初中英语预备课程(Starter)全册各单元教学案.rar (文件大小:92.13 KB)

牛津英语starter Unit 10 My school day导学稿 学案 wenhui 2011-09-11 22:51:08课题Unit 10 My school day Welcome to the unit 主备人 徐建龙 授课日期 
1.知识与技能:Four skills:get up,time,o’clock,breakfast;hurry;sorry
2.过程与方法: 在听说读写技能训练中,培养学生综合运用语言的能力
教学重难点,重点:学会询问时间  难点:时间的表达法
教、学具:a clock made by paper  a tape
...[postmoney=3]牛津英语starter Unit 10 My school day导学稿.rar (文件大小:200.97 KB)

牛津英语预备级Unit 12 A birthday party教案(表格式) 教案 wenhui 2011-09-11 22:47:53牛津英语预备级Unit 12 A birthday party教案(表格式).rar (文件大小:21.62 KB)

牛津英语预备级Unit 11 At the weekend教案(表格式) 教案 wenhui 2011-09-11 22:47:03牛津英语预备级Unit 11 At the weekend教案(表格式).rar (文件大小:18.33 KB)

牛津英语预备级Unit 10 My school day教案(表格式) 教案 wenhui 2011-09-11 22:46:26牛津英语预备级Unit 10 My school day教案(表格式).rar (文件大小:17.89 KB)

牛津英语预备级Unit 9 Signs教案(表格式) 教案 wenhui 2011-09-11 22:45:57牛津英语预备级Unit 9 Signs教案(表格式).rar (文件大小:19.94 KB)

牛津英语预备级Unit 8 Our things教案(表格式) 教案 wenhui 2011-09-11 22:45:31牛津英语预备级Unit 8 Our things教案(表格式).rar (文件大小:22.67 KB)

牛津英语预备级Unit 7 Colours教案(表格式) 教案 wenhui 2011-09-11 22:41:48牛津英语预备级Unit 7 Colours教案(表格式).rar (文件大小:12.56 KB)

牛津英语预备级Unit 6 In the park教案(表格式) 教案 wenhui 2011-09-11 22:41:21牛津英语预备级Unit 6 In the park教案(表格式).rar (文件大小:14.88 KB)

牛津英语预备级Unit 5 Visit my school教案(表格式) 教案 wenhui 2011-09-11 22:40:52牛津英语预备级Unit 5 Visit my school教案(表格式).rar (文件大小:16.44 KB)

牛津英语预备级Unit 4 My classroom教案(表格式) 教案 wenhui 2011-09-11 22:40:17牛津英语预备级Unit 4 My classroom教案(表格式).rar (文件大小:16.38 KB)

牛津英语预备级Unit 3 Good Friends教案(表格式) 教案 wenhui 2011-09-11 22:39:40牛津英语预备级Unit 3 Good Friends教案(表格式).rar (文件大小:14.43 KB)

牛津英语预备级Unit 2 My family教案(表格式) 教案 wenhui 2011-09-11 22:39:09牛津英语预备级Unit 2 My family教案(表格式).rar (文件大小:16.14 KB)

牛津英语预备级Unit 1 Hello教案(表格式) 教案 wenhui 2011-09-11 22:38:20牛津英语预备级Unit 1 Hello 教案(表格式).rar (文件大小:17.81 KB)