牛津英语Starter 苏教版-牛津初中英语7A—单元同步练习及答案Unit1 同步练习 rabbitni 2012-08-09 09:36:42 1      This is me!


1. 一只电子狗______________  2. 我的主人__________________

3. 看书_____________________  4. 早上好__________________

5. 如何照顾Kitty_______________  6. 晚上好_________________

7. 遇到新朋友____________  8. 晚安_____________________________

9. 北京阳光中学_____________________10. 他们第一堂英语课__________________


(      )1. Thisis a very interesting book with lots of new words. Please ______ it carefully.

A.look          B. see        C. look at        D. read

(      )2. I really love sports. Can you tell mehow ___ like a good swimmer?

   A. swims         B. to swimming       C. to swim    D. swimming

(      )3. The teacher asks the students towrite an article______ the Mid-Autumn Day.

   A. in       B. of        C. about      D. at

(      )4. Please introduce yourselves ______each other.

   A. to        B. with      C. and      D. about

(      )5. Excuse ______, are ______my newclassmate?

   A. me, you      B. my, your    C. I, you   D. me, your

(      )6. Let’s ______ each other.

   A. make friends    B. make friends to    C. make friend with   D. make friends with

(      )7. — ___________?      — My name is Mark.

   A. Are you Mark?   B. What’s this in English   C. Hello, Mark.   D. What’s your name?

(      )8. What ______ your sister’s name?

   A. are       B. does         C. is        D. were

(      )9. — It’s time to go to bed, Lily!      — Ok. ______, Mummy.

   A. Good morning.     B. Good afternoon.     C. Good evening    D. Good night

(      )10. Here is a bag. Could youcarry________ for the old man?

   A. it       B. its       C. it’s       D. them


1. Sandyand Lucy __________ (be) in the same class.

2. Do you__________ (know) that girl?

3. Daniel__________ (wear) glasses every day.

4. Millieoften __________ (fly) a kite with her brother.

5. She__________ (not like) comic books.

6. DoesSimon __________ (watch) TV on Saturday?

7. —Wheredoes he have lunch?

   — He always__________ (have) lunch atschool.

8. Theywant __________ (play) table tennis.

9. Daveusually __________ (go) running in the morning.

10. Catsenjoy __________ (eat) fish.



L: Hello.

M: Hi!

L: My name __________ Liu Mei. __________your name?

M: __________ Mike.

L: Nice to meet you!

M: __________ __________ ____________________, too.

L: __________ be friends.


Joan: Good morning!

Ann: __________ __________!

Joan: __________ __________ __________?

Ann: My name is Ann.

Joan: Nice to meet you.

Ann: __________ __________ ____________________, __________.

Joan: Welcome to our school.

Ann: __________ __________.



1. 戴眼镜___________ 2. 喜欢阅读__________________________

3. 读书俱乐部__________________ 4. 喜欢跳舞___________________

5. 努力学习_______________ 6. 喜欢玩电脑游戏____________________

7. 擅长游泳_______________ 8. 出生于____________________________

9. 居住在苏州______________ 10.来自北京__________________________


1. Hisfather is a kind man. He is very __________(乐于助人)

2.You canfind Millie in the__________(阅读)room.

3. Do youwant __________(居住)in Shanghai?

4. She__________(有) black hair and big eyes.

5. Maryenjoys __________(游泳)in summer.

6. He isa __________(有趣)boy. We all like him.

7. Areyou good at __________(跳舞)?

8. I was__________(出生)in Shanghai.

9. Theman with __________(眼镜)is my English teacher.

10. Weare __________(主人)of our country.


(      )1. Where ______ my glasses? I can’t find______.

A.     is,it     B. does, it    C. are, them     D. do, them

(      )2. My cousin is ______.

   A. in Class five, Grade Six              B. in class five, grade six

   C. in the Class Five, Grade Six           D. in Class Five, Grade Six

(      )3. Daniel ______ the fourth floor.

   A. live on       B. live in      C. lives in     D. lives on

(      )4. He ______ born in 1994, so he ______12 years old this year.

   A. be, is      B. was, was     C. was, is    D. is, is

(      )5. —______ you born in Suzhou?   —No, ______.

   A. Was, I wasn’t  B. Was, I wasn’t C. Were, you weren’t  D. Were, I wasn’t

(      )6. —______ everyone here today?    —Yes, we______.

   A. Is, is all here     B. Are, are all here    C. Is, all are here     D. Is, are all here

(      )7.He loves ______ music at night.

   A. to listen     B. listening    C. listens to     D. listening to

(      )8. Where ______ his new classmates______ from?

   A. is, come    B. are, come    C. does, come   D. are, /

(      )9. My aunt’s hair ______ black andbeautiful.

   A. are     B. is     C. was     D. were

(      )10. ______ your best friend good at______ ?

   A. Do, dance     B. Does, dancing   C. Are, dancing    D. Is, dancing


1. Myparents __________ (come) from Shangdong.

2. Sam__________ (not like) playing computer games.

3. Thebeautiful girl __________ (wear) glasses.

4. TheZhang family __________ (live) in a flat in Nanjing.

5. Myfather loves __________ (read) newspapers after supper.

6. What__________ her classmates __________ (call) her teacher?

7__________ you __________ (love) each other in your family?

8.__________ (be) your cousin very clever at maths?


1. 我有一个堂弟。他有礼貌并且乐于助人。


2. 那个女孩喜欢读书,她是阅读俱乐部的。


3. —你是杭州人吗?      —不,我是苏州人。


4. 她在七(4)班 , 她学习很刻苦。


5. Sandy长着短头发,戴着眼镜。





1. 又高又苗条_______________ 2. 在七(1)班_______________________

3. 很喜欢北京___________ 4. 喜欢听音乐________________________

5. 12岁____________________ 6. 欢迎来到七年级____________________

7. 有礼貌而乐于助人________________ 8. 放学后_____________________

9. 出生在上海___________ 10. 乌黑的长发________________________


 Hello, my n__________ is Nancy. I am 11 y__________ old. I wasb__________ in the USA.I l__________ in a flat in Beijingnow. I don’t w__________ glasses. I e__________ singing and dancing very much.I am g__________ at Maths. I want to b__________ a scientist when I grow up.


1. Thegirl is thirteen years __________ (young).

2. Helikes to help others. He is very __________ (help).

3. Lucyis in the __________ (read) Club.

4. Thewoman with __________ (glass) is our Maths teacher.

5. Thisis Zhao Xiaoli. Lily is her __________ (England) name.


1. Thestudents always takes photos over there.                     (    ) ____________

 A             B    C    D

2. —Whatcan you see in the bag?

        A       B

  —I can see many bread.                                      (    ) ____________

      C     D

3. I havethree nice pictures. Would you like have alook?             (    ) ____________

                 A       B          C D

4. There isn’tany water in my glass. Give me any, please.             (    ) ____________

        A  B                 C      D

5. Thereare some tea and milk in those cups.                       (    ) ____________

     A    B        C        D


(      )1. My sister is good ______ volleyball.

A. in playing    B. play   C. at play    D. at playing

(      )2. Daniel likes playing ______, andSimon likes playing ______.

A. football, piano                B. the football, piano  

C. the football, the piano          D. football, the piano

(      )3. The man ______ glasses is our Historyteacher.

A. in       B. on       C. with       D. wears

(      )4. He can’t mend his bike. Let’s ______.

A. help him    B. helping him     C. help me    D. to help he

(      )5. —Your English is very good.—________.

   A. You’re welcome.   B. Oh, no.   C. You’re right.    D. Thank you.

(      )6. There are two ______ of ______ on thedesk.

   A. pairs, glass      B. pair, glasses     C. pairs, glasses   D. pair, glass

(      )7. Kitty enjoys ______ very much.

   A. skates      B. to skate      C. to skating    D. skating

(      )8. ______ your father _____ re